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Osie 24.2.0 – new features &#038; fixes

Osie 24.2.0 – new features & fixes

We’re excited to announce the release of osie.io version 24.2.0, an update that brings a couple of improvements along with some bug fixes to enhance user experience and system reliability.

OpenStack Nova Instances&#8217; Task States

OpenStack Nova Instances’ Task States

Discover the essentials of OpenStack Nova instances’ task_state values, a key guide for efficient cloud instance management and troubleshooting.

Osie 23.12.0 &#8211; Project dashboard

Osie 23.12.0 – Project dashboard

A new project dashboard has been added to the customer’s interface, giving valuable insights about the costs and usage.

Osie 23.10.3 improvements and bugfixes

Osie 23.10.3 improvements and bugfixes

This release mainly contains a couple of improvements and bugfixes for increasing the overall stability and reliability of the platform.