Osie 23.12.0 – Project dashboard

A new project dashboard has been added to the customer’s interface, giving valuable insights about the costs and usage.

This is the first release of December 2023 and one of the last releases of this year.

A new project dashboard

This is the most important feature of the Osie 23.12.0 release.

The new project dashboard bring useful insights regarding the resource usage

  • Current month usage and costs breakdown chart per resource
  • Forecasted month end usage, to give you an idea of how the bill will look like at the end of the cycle
  • A top with the most expensive resources from the project
  • The current account balance

Other features in 23.12.0

  • A new KYC (Know your Customer) integration allowing Indian companies to be fully compliant with their government requirements regarding customers onboarding.
  • The amount of hours and minutes that can be billed in a month is now configurable from admin. Use this if you want to base your prices on other number of hours than the default of 720.
  • Bugfixes and improvements
    • Fix volume attachments not being displayed correctly for some instances
    • The Liveness probe in Kubernetes has been improved to reflect a more relevant state of the application
    • Made the Stripe integration fully compatible with the Indian market
    • Several other improvements on the cloud resource sync jobs

We recommend upgrading to this newer release. See the upgrade guide in our documentation.