Osie 23.12.1 – Improvements & Fixes

Osie 23.12.1 focuses more on fixing a couple of bugs and improving the overall user experience.


  • One of the biggest improvements is the client dashboard assets being served from a global CDN. This will drastically improve the load speed for your customers, no matter where they are on the globe.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Project dashboard: the costs breakdown are now split into more generic categories: Compute, Networking, Block Storage and Object Storage to ensure more readable charts.
  • PDF invoice: The issue displaying addresses on invoices generated through the built-in Invoice Gateway for longer values has been resolved. Addresses will now wrap appropriately.
  • Server creation page: the volume size input is now pre-filled with the image min_size for a smoother user experience.
  • Virtuozzo: OpenStack quotas will now automatically increase when Kubernetes clusters are instantiated through VHI
  • Load balancer deletion has been refined for greater reliability.
  • Internal synchronisation and workflows have also been optimised.